Interior Drainage System


Do you need an Interior Drainage System?

An Interior Drainage System is needed when a basement foundation is suffering from hydrostatic pressure against the exterior foundation walls due to a high water table.  The most common signs of a high water table are water seepage where the floor meets the foundation wall, leaks from floor cracks, and leaks or dampness across the bottom portion of a foundation wall or foundation cracks.

What Causes High Water Table Around Foundations?

A high water table is caused by poor drainage around the foundation footing as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Crushed/clogged or lack of French drain around the exterior perimeter of the foundation
  • Improper drainage of surface water (towards the home instead of away from home)
  • Excess water around foundation wall due poor roof drainage
  • Freeze/thaw

It is difficult to identify the particular cause for the rising of the water table, since the problem originates on the exterior of the foundation wall or underneath the foundation floor, an area that is not visible.

How Does an Interior Drainage System Work?

The Interior Drainage System is installed along the inside perimeter of the foundation, approximately a foot deep and lies next to the foundation footing.  This is the area where water is pushed into the basement by hydrostatic pressure.  Our system intercepts the water before it enters the basement and directs it beneath your concrete floor through 4” PVC perforated pipes to a sump pump.  The sump pump pumps the water to the outside or existing drain.

How Does an Interior Drainage System Solve My Problem?

After installing the Interior Drainage System, the path of the least resistance is no longer into your home.  Sous-Sol Solutions’ Interior Drainage System is guaranteed for as long as you own your home and fully transferrable to the next home owner(s), and no unwanted exterior water will ever enter your home where this system is installed.

Benefits of Installing Sous-Sol Solutions’ Interior Drainage System
  • An interior system is cost effective
  • Protects the structural integrity of the home
  • Provides a healthy and dry basement
  • Can increase the home’s value
  • Allows an unusable wet basement to be part of your home with lots of potential
  • Peace of mind knowing your foundation is sound
  • Guaranteed for as long as you own your home and fully transferable to the next home owner(s)

Interior Drainage System vs Exterior French Drain System

Interior Drainage SystemExterior French Drain System
Guaranteed for as long as you own your home and fully transferable to the next home owner(s)Limited Guaranty. Limited to when natural settlement of the ground causes the exterior drainage pipes to clog or crush
Cost effective.Costly due to the use of heavy equipment, removal and replacement of exterior driveways, decks, landscaping, etc.
No effect on landscaping or other foundation surroundingsDisrupting foundation surroundings (driveway, pathway, deck, landscaping, fence, outside propane tanks, etc.)
Capable of venting radon gasDoes not vent radon
Access to drainage pipes for inspection and cleanout at any timeAccess is difficult as the drainage system is much deeper into the ground and less visible.
Perimeter drains are protected from clogging or crushing due to ground settlementNatural settlement of the ground over time causes the exterior drainage pipes to clog or crush
Can be installed in any season or weather, so work proceeds on scheduleSeasonal installation. Ground is too hard to dig in the winter when the ground is frozen.

Sous-Sol Solutions Installation Process

An Interior Drainage System is installed around the interior perimeter of your foundation wall as follows:

  1. A portion of the floor, approximately 1’ wide, around the perimeter of the foundation is removed.
  2. A trench of approximately 1’ wide and 1’-1.5’ deep is created.
  3. A bed of 3/4″ washed stone is placed in the bottom of the trench.
  4. 4″ PVC perforated pipes with cleanout locations are installed in the perimeter trench and pitched towards the Sump Pump System.
  5. The Sump Pump System is installed at the lowest point of which the PVC perforated pipes where pitched.  The sump pump pit sits in a hole, flush with the floor level and surrounded with 3/4″ washed stone.  The PVC perforated pipes are connected to the sump pit. The sump pit also has a bolt down cover.
  6. Install inspection caps (cleanouts) to the PVC pipes at the pre-selected locations.  Inspection caps are used in the future to access and, if needed, clean the inside of the pipes without having to dig up your floor.
  7. Install Delta-MS membrane along the perimeter drain, starting from inside the trench and up the wall.  The Delta-MS is installed to collect the water from future foundation wall leaks such as wall cracks, tie rods, or window wells and drains the water behind the Delta-MS and into the Interior Drainage System.  No more water infiltrating onto your basement floor.
  8. The trench is filled with more 3/4″ washed stone to cover around the PVC pipes to ensure a clear and clean path for water to travel into the PVC perforated pipes.
  9. Concrete is poured over the trench and around the Sump Pump System, leveled with the existing floor.
  10. The Sump Pump System discharges the water to the outside of the foundation and away from the home.
Sous-Sol Solutions Interior Drainage System Warranty  

Our Interior Drainage System is guaranteed for as long as you own the home, and fully transferrable to the next home owner!  With peace of mind, you can stop worrying about the next rain storm or big snow thaw!

Are you looking for a permanent solution to your leaking basement problem?

Don’t be afraid to call a foundation specialist because you think it will cost you more, or because you think there will be other areas of upsell.  A leaking/wet foundation must not be left uninspected and repaired because the problem will not fix itself, leading to the possibility of much larger problems.  Your family’s health is at jeopardy when living in a home with a wet basement.  We are here to help you!

Sous-Sol Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of service.  Our waterproofing specialists do not work on commission and will only recommend the solutions best fit the problem your basement is experiencing. No gimmick, no upsells, only the best solution.

Sous-Sol Solution Interior Drainage System

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