Leaks or Dampness across the Bottom Portion of a Foundation Wall or Foundation Cracks

Sometimes you will notice dampness or water seepage across the bottom portion of your foundation wall. This is an indication of high water table; therefore, water is sitting on the outside of the poured concrete foundation wall or inside the hollow sections of concrete cinder blocks.  Both are not a good sign.  Since concrete is porous, this moisture, dampness or seepage can cause a number of basement problems.

Common basement problems due to high water table:
  • Seepage and standing of water on your basement floor
  • High radon or vapor gases into homes
  • Damage to existing flooring (carpet, laminate, underlay)
  • High humidity causing mold and mildew infestation
  • Damage to finished basements and personal belongings

There are many possible causes for hydrostatic pressure against a foundation.  Since the problem originates on the exterior of the foundation wall or underneath the foundation floor, it is difficult to identify the exact reason your foundation is allowing seepage through the cove joint.


Inspect the exterior of the foundation for any indications for high water table problems and insure that water is directed away from the foundation wall.  Common problems to look for include gutters (downspout runoff towards the foundation or absent gutters), outside earth graded towards the home, pathway or driveway slopping towards the home, and home located at the bottom of a large hill.  Solving these types of problems may help reduce the water build up around your foundation, relieving hydrostatic pressure around the foundation wall/floor.

If you notice dampness or leaks in the bottom portion of your foundation wall, we offer a permanent solution to solve your foundation problem.

We will send you one of our knowledgeable, waterproofing professional to your home to help you diagnose your foundation problem and recommend the best solution for your budget at no cost or obligation.  Simply complete our online form or call us at 1-888-768-7765.

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