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Moisture control and dehumidification can prevent the possible damages to the structural integrity of the foundation of your home. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the home. Even the most well-built homes can be destroyed by moisture. High humidity, mold, and poor indoor air quality originate from moisture and they can lead to serious environmental illnesses. Being proactive and reducing moisture levels is the best way to prevent expensive structural and environmental damage.

Indoor Air Quality

Clean air is essential for a healthy living environment, and this is especially true for indoor air. As Quebecers, we spend close to 85% of our time indoors; at home, work or recreational environments.  Most people are unaware of the effects that poor indoor air quality can have on their health. Fortunately, we have the ability to control the quality of air in our own homes. Learn more about Indoor Air Quality and the effects that it has on your health.

Why is Dehumidification Important?

High humidity in your home can cause you to feel uncomfortable while it also contributes to the musty odors, unwanted pests, property damage and more.  Dehumidification is important for your family and home for the following reasons:

Provides a healthy living space

Poor indoor air quality increases health risk including allergies, headaches, eye irritation and respiratory problems such as asthma. These health issues can be directly related to the presence of mold and dust mite infestation in the home. An effective solution to addressing these health issues is moisture control.  Dehumidifiers control moisture levels in your home and will help reduce the risk of serious health issues.

Comfortable environment

High humidity contributes to discomfort in any temperature.  People often think high humidity occurs in the summer but in fact, the most important times of the year to address humidity is the Spring and Fall when temperatures are moderate and the outdoor humidity levels are high.  With the right dehumidifier, the humidity levels in your home will be controlled year-long resulting in comfortable living.

Protects your property and belongings

Humidity can destroy most of your valuable possessions including the structural integrity of your home.  Humidity can produce mold, mildew, musty odors, rust, bacteria, dust mite infestations, biological allergens and more.  Each of these factors can contribute to damage and deterioration of property and its contents. Additionally, they all require very little humidity to initiate, survive and thrive.  A well-designed dehumidifier will protect your personal property by maintaining the custom set humidity level all year long.

Maintain structural integrity of your home

Excess moisture can contribute to rot, warped sub floors, structural damage and insect damage.  All of which contribute to the deterioration of floor joists, beams, sub-flooring, insulation and electrical-mechanical systems.  These factors can damage in the structural integrity of your home.  Installing a large capacity dehumidifier can protect your home from the damaging effects of humidity.

Pest Control

Simply put moisture attracts pests.  The most common pests that can damage your home need water to survive.  High humidity in your home provides a health living for unwanted pests and an unhealthy living for you while damaging your home.  Did you know that pests are believed to cause more structural damage to homes each year than fires and storms combined?  Protect your home from pests and invest in a dehumidifier that will pay for itself while providing you with a healthy living environment.

Santa Fe Free-Standing Dehumidifier

Santa Fe provides a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient free-standing dehumidifiers that are designed and manufactured for the ultimate in humidity control for basements, crawlspaces, and any other inside spaces that deserve the best in humidity control.

Single units are available for conditioning areas ranging up to 3,500 square feet.  Multiple units are easily combined for larger areas.  Every Santa Fe Dehumidifier meets or exceeds the Energy Star® program efficiency standards and carries the Energy Star® certification.  High efficiency MERV-8 and MERV-11 filters are standard on every Santa Fe Dehumidifier to help remove most airborne allergens and improve indoor air quality.

Sous-Sol Solutions chose to use Santa Fe Dehumidifiers for crawlspace, basements, and other indoor spaces because of their performance, reliability and warranty.  Being able to provide our customers with the most effective dehumidifiers on the market makes us very proud to provide this service.    

Santa Fe Verses Conventional Dehumidifiers

High Efficiency – Exceeds Energy Star® efficiency requirements. Saves up to $250+ per year in energy costs over conventional dehumidifiers.

Large Capacity – Meaning they produce more pints of water per day – saving you more money in operating costs.  

Low Temperature Operation – Engineered for crawlspaces and basements, and the temperature and air flow issues that they present. When many conventional dehumidifiers have stopped removing water from the air, the Santa Fe Dehumidifiers keep on protecting you and your home.

Versatility – Accessories such as duct kits and remote dehumidistat are available for adaptation to every application.  

Commercial Quality

  • The moisture removal coil on the Santa Fe is larger than the coil on a conventional dehumidifier. Coil and fin design includes features not found on cheaper mass-merchant dehumidifiers.
  • A regenerative heat exchanger uses the cold air from the cooling coil to pre-cool damp air before it goes across the cooling coil (picture a honeycomb).
  • The oversized coil and the heat exchanger remove 2–3 times more moisture per kilowatt of electricity than the conventional dehumidifier.
  • The Santa Fe Classic removes 5–6 pints per kilowatt compared to the conventional dehumidifier’s 2–3 pints per kilowatt.
  • The Santa Fe Classic can be ducted for easy, flexible installations.
  • Our Santa Fe free-standing residential units are built with the same components as our commercial units.



Be Proactive!

We believe having good indoor air quality is at the core of a healthy home.  Fortunately, we have that option at home.  Providing a healthy environment for your family should not be overlooked, and is easier than most expect.  Installing a Santa Fe free-standing, energy-efficient dehumidifier will provide humid control in your home, regardless of the outside conditions.


Montreal Day Care Study

“Health Canada, in collaboration with Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal(CHUM) and McGill University Health Centre, conducted a study from January to March 2008 on the indoor air quality in 21 daycare centres in Montreal and collected parent-reported incidence of respiratory symptoms (e.g. runny nose, wheezing, cough) among the 170 children attending them. The aim of this study was to provide Health Canada with information on the relationship among ventilation, indoor air quality and children’s respiratory health. Data collection and processing has now been completed, and results will be published following the completion of the statistical analysis.”


Do You Want To Live In a Safe Environment?

When you have a moisture problem in your crawlspace or basement that is threatening the condition and value of your home, Sous-Sol Solutions can schedule a free consultation to help you determine the sources of the problem and provide you with plan to remediate the problem.

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