Why Carbon Fiber Is Preferred Over Other Wall Support Systems?

Carbon fiber systems are today’s preferred method to repair bowed foundation walls, stepping crack repair in block concrete and horizontal cracks in block or poured concrete walls. Carbon fiber has proven to be stronger than steel and more reliable than their competitor systems.

Three competitor methods of repairing basement walls from leaning, sliding, horizontal cracking, or stepping cracks are installing steel beams, wall anchors and replacing the foundation wall.  Below lists the disadvantages of using those systems compare to a Carbon Fiber System.

Disadvantage of Using Steel Beams for Bowed/Cracked Walls:
  • Beam only touches the wall where the wall is bowed, allowing the rest of the wall to continue moving
  • Pressure twists floor joints
  • Does not address foundation cracks
  • If power beam is installed, cracks can form in the blocks as the brace is tightened
  • Eyesore; bulky, ugly beam sticking out the basement wall; lowers property value of your house
  • Covering it with finishing walls will lose square footage in your basement; lowers property value of your house
  • Heavy and more expensive to install
Disadvantage of Using Wall Anchors for Bowed/Cracked Walls:
  • Only holds the wall while our carbon fiber system strengthens the wall and prevents inward movement
  • Pressure on the blocked wall can actually crush the blocks
  • Eyesore; plates on the interior basement walls are visible
  • Maintenance required every few months to tighten, so the wall plates need to be accessible
  • Excavation is required; weather permitting
  • Not as effective
  • More expansive
Disadvantage of Replacing Bowed Walls:
  • Very expensive
  • Excavation is required around the perimeter of the foundation wall
  • Unnecessary to rebuild during early stages of bowed walls
  • Damage to your landscaping
  • Time-intensive
  • Weather permitting



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