Bowed Basement Walls Using Carbon Fiber System

How safe are my basement walls?  Can the stepping cracks in my block concrete foundation be fixed?  What does the bowing in of my foundation wall mean?  Do I need to replace my basement walls?

Pressure such as hydrostatic, expansive soil and lateral earth movement can cause stress against your foundation wall.  This creates compression on the outside of your foundation wall and tension on the inside.  As the strength of the pressure from the outside exceeds the tensile strength of the brick or concrete wall, the foundation wall will crack or separate and can lead to bowed, leaning or sliding walls.

Foundations with problems such as horizontal cracks, stepping cracks, bowed walls, or sliding walls left unattended can lead to larger structural issues and could collapse.  The solution is to secure and stabilize the basement wall before it’s too late.

Sous-Sol Solutions provides a cost-effective and guaranteed method using a carbon fiber system.  We chose to use the carbon fiber method over other bowed wall repair systems such as steel beams, wall anchors and foundation wall rebuild because it’s a much better repair and guaranteed.  Click here to learn more about why carbon fiber is preferred over other wall support systems?

Carbon Fiber Systems

The carbon fiber material is an incredible material used in many different industries such as Alternative Energy, Fuel Efficient Automobiles, Construction and Infrastructure, and Oil Exploration. It has become today’s best method of repairing bowed foundation walls. However, even the best materials can be used improperly.

Sous-Sol Solutions installs the strongest carbon fiber solution on the market today.  Below we highlight the differences between a few of the other carbon fiber systems on the market:

 Our InstallationCarbon Fiber PlatesCarbon Fiber Kevlar WeaveCarbon Fiber Sheets
Connects to sill plateYes, bolt/epoxy secured galvanized bracket NoYes; however, movement at necktie attachmentNo
Connects to floorYes, drilled/epoxy secured carbon fiber pinNoNoNo
Continued damage to top/bottom of wallNoYesYesYes
Horizontal StrengthYesNoSome horizontal strengthNo
Wall sheering may occurNoYesYesYes
OtherStrongest wall repair system on the marketEpoxy is difficult to applyMessy applicationMessy installation


Benefits of Our Carbon Fiber System:
  • Strongest wall repair system available
  • Higher tensile strength than steel
  • No deterioration or movement
  • Minimal Intrusiveness
  • No excavation required
  • No heavy equipment required
  • No costly damage to your exterior landscape
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Cost effective solution; installation occurs on the interior of the foundation
  • Can be installed in any season or weather, so work proceeds on schedule
  • Competive pricing

Choosing Our Carbon Fiber System


At Sous-Sol Solutions, we strive on providing our customers with the highest level of foundation repair and chose this system as the best repair available today for bowed foundation walls, stepping cracks and horizontal crack repair.

Our installation is completely installed from the inside of your basement so it is less expensive and less intrusive than other repair systems.  The Carbon Fiber System can be installed on block concrete or poured concrete foundations.  We install the carbon fiber strap by attaching the strap to the concrete wall using epoxy, fastening the top of the strap to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and pinning the bottom of the strap to the footing.  By properly securing the entire wall, your foundation will not experience any further in-ward movement or wall sheering.

Once the system is installed, there is no maintenance required.  No coming back to tighten wall plates, no wall sheering, and no requirement for exposing the repair.  If you wish to paint your walls, the paintable, flat and smooth finish of the carbon fiber straps makes the job easy and presentable.  Also, no loss of square footage with our installation means better living space and better for resale value.

Foundation Problems?

If you live in the Greater Montreal Area and your foundation wall has horizontal cracks or is bowing, leaning or sliding in, and you would like it taken care of professionally, call Sous-Sol Solutions at 1-888-768-7765 for a complete evaluation and free written estimate.

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