The Right Dehumidifier for Your Needs






Sous-Sol Solutions provides three Santa Fe high-efficiency free-standing dehumidifier options.  Each unit is specifically designed to handle the area that humidity control is required.  All three units are large capacity (meaning they produce more pints of water per day), energy-efficient, commercial quality, versatile, and can operate in the cooler environments of basements and crawlspaces.

Santa Fe Classic

The Santa Fe Classic was specifically designed for basements.

Part Number: 4029700

  • Removes 110 Pints/Day
  • Sized for 2,500 Sq. Ft.
  • Draws 6.4 Amps
  • Energy Factor of 3.0 L/kWh


Santa Fe Advance2

The Santa Fe Advance2 features dual outlets that are specifically designed to provide the optimal amount of airflow in for crawlspaces and basements.

Part Number: 4034180

  • Removes 90 Pints/Day
  • Sized for 2,200 Sq. Ft.
  • Draws 5.7 Amps
  • Energy Factor of 2.88 L/kWh


Santa Fe Compact2

The Santa Fe Compact2 is specifically designed for crawlspaces.

Part Number: 4033600

  • Removes 70 Pints/Day
  • Sized for 1,800 Sq. Ft.
  • Draws 5.1 Amps
  • Energy Factor of 2.4 L/kWh


Did You Know?

Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes up from your basement or crawlspace. This air is often higher in moisture content and carries with it various allergens and musty odors. When conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth is stimulated. 

If you see or suspect mold or mildew in your home, give us a call for a free in-home consultation.  We will use our experience and knowledge on water and moisture control to help you provide a healthier living for your family.

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