Foundation Crack Repair

foundation crack repair

Do you need a concrete foundation crack repair?

Concrete foundation cracks can be found in almost every home.  They can appear in foundation walls, corners, floors, cold joints and corners of windows.  Basement foundation cracks can be a sign of foundation problems, or they might just be the result of normal shrinkage or settling.  No matter how severe the foundation crack, it is important to contact Sous Sol Solutions as soon as the cracks are discovered.  Sous Sol Solutions will perform a thorough crack inspection and provide a guaranteed foundation crack repair solution.  No crack, leaking or dry, should be left unrepaired.

Wide Foundation Crack

Hairline Shrinkage Crack

Corner of Window Crack

Vertical Wall Crack

Concerete Crack Repair Injection Materials - Know Your Seal

Sous-Sol Solutions uses the highest quality, Canada made concrete injection materials. Our SEAL brand flexible resins are trusted and time proven to completely seal and repair dry or actively leaking cracks and crevices, permanently.

Our SEAL brand flexible injection resins are designed to penetrate the full thickness of a concrete wall as a thin liquid, completely filling the main crack and any capillary cracks or cavities and forming a custom-fit seal. At its cured state, the resins remain as impermeable, flexible foam with superb adhesive qualities.

As outside temperature changes, concrete cracks will expand and contract. SEAL brand flexible injection resins are designed to remain flexible at its cured state to allow the nature of the expansion and contraction to occur without breaking the seal.

We currently hold a dozen different concrete repair resins. Concrete cracks differ in size, type, and location. These differences require a particular resin and application to be used specifically for each foundation problem. During the initial visit to inspect the problem, a Sous-Sol Solutions certified consultant will be ready to identify any or all foundation problems in detail to ensure an accurate solution and proper materials are used to solve your foundation problem. These details will be explained and provided to you. Additionally, a certified technician will be at the job site throughout the job to answer any questions you may have.

SEAL Brand Flexible Resin Application

Leak in foundation wall cracks
  • Horizontal foundation wall crack
  • Vertical foundation wall crack
  • Diagonal foundation wall crack
  • Corner foundation wall crack
  • Cold joint
  • Mortar joints
Leak in foundation floor crack
  • Floor and wall joint
  • Spider crack
Leaks in other areas of concrete foundation
  • Leak around sewer pipes and water pipe conduits
  • Leak in honeycomb area
  • Leak from over the foundation wall
  • Leak from tie rod
  • Leak from window well
  • Leak in bulkhead
Why Choose SEAL Brand Flex Resin

It is very important to have the highest quality injection materials used to repair a concrete crack. Sous-Sol Solutions uses specially formulated materials to provide the best repair to withstand Quebec’s freezing winters and hot summers. Once the crack is sealed, the crack can expand or contract in width up to 7 times without breaking the seal. You can count on the crack to be sealed permanently, guaranteed!

Types of Basement Cracks

The type of foundation concrete crack matters. Additionally, the combination of the type of crack and the type of foundation also determines whether the crack may or may not be a big problem. There are different characteristics and severity of concrete cracks. You can learn more about the different types of cracks; however, it is still important to have Sous-Sol Solutions inspect the crack for other foundation problems that may be caused by hydrostatic pressure. A proper inspection can help reduce any future damage to your basement foundation and finished basement.

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What to Expect During During A Crack Repair

At Sous-Sol Solutions, we take pride in our workmanship and only provide our customers with the highest level of repair, using superior products that will withstand Quebec’s climate.

Preparing the concrete crack

Our certified technician will begin to properly prepare the concrete crack by removing and cleaning any loose concrete or debris from the crack area. Injection ports are then inserted into the crack at approximately 8″ – 12″ apart for use during the injection. Next, SEAL Plug 318 is used to patch around these injection ports and as well as the surface of the wall crack to act as a wall barrier for the crack injection. Once, the SEAL Plug 318 has cured (moments later), the concrete crack is then flushed with a cleaning solution to ensure clear passage for the injection.

Injecting the concrete crack with polyurethane or epoxy

Injection begins at the most bottom injection port.  A two component polyurethane or epoxy injection material is mixed at a 1:1 ratio at the point of entry, penetrating the concrete crack from the inside through to the outside of the foundation wall and completely filling the bottom of the crack.  Once the injection material has reached the level of the next port up, resin will seep out of the next injection port up.  The bottom port will be capped and the next port up will be injected.  The process continues until the entire crack length is sealed.

Sous-Sol Solutions Crack Repair Warranty

We use industry’s highest quality crack repair injection materials allowing us to provide you with the best warranty. Our work is guaranteed for as long as you own the home, and fully transferrable to the next home owner! With peace of mind, you can stop worrying about the next rain storm or big snow thaw!

Are You Look For A Permanent Solution to Your Basement Foundation Crack

Don’t be afraid to call a foundation specialist because you think it will cost you more, or because you think there will be other areas of upsell.  A foundation crack must not be left uninspected because the crack won’t fix itself, leading to the possibility of much larger problems.  We are here to help you!

To learn more about our premium services and capabilities or to schedule for a Free, No Obligation, In Home Estimate, please give us a call today at 1-888-768-7765 or complete our online form.  We are happy to help you determine the best solution to completely solve your basement waterproofing needs.

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