Water Seepage Where the Floor Meets the Foundation Wall (the “Cove Joint”)

Water seeping into your basement foundation where the floor meets the foundation wall (also referred to as the “cove joint”) is most often due to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure causes the water to look for the path of the least resistance. Since the foundation footing, wall, and floor are all poured at different times, the joints of these structures allow the path of the least resistance and water enters your home where the wall meets the floor (the “cove joint”).

There are many possible causes for hydrostatic pressure against a foundation. Since the problem originates on the exterior of the foundation wall or underneath the foundation floor, it is difficult to identify the exact reason your foundation is allowing seepage through the cove joint.


Inspect the exterior of the foundation for any indications for high water table problems and insure that water is directed away from the foundation wall. Common problems to look for include gutters (downspout runoff towards the foundation or absent gutters), outside earth graded towards the home, pathway or driveway slopping towards the home and home below a large hill. Solving these types of problems may help reduce the water build up around your foundation, relieving hydrostatic pressure around the foundation wall/floor.

If you have water seeping where the floor meets the foundation wall, we offer a permanent solution to solve your foundation problem.

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