Water Leaking Through Basement or Crawlspace Floor Cracks

It is very common for concrete basement floors to crack, just like a poured concrete wall.  Cracks that form in the basement floor during the construction process or as the concrete floor dries are of little concern and do not usually cause a structural problem.  More often, basement floor cracks are the result of a rising and falling water table around and below a foundation.  Water from heavy rainfalls, melting snow, broken wall lines, and natural springs can raise the water table, and begins pushing against the foundation of your home resulting in hydrostatic pressure under the concrete slab.  This constant pressure will eventually lead to cracked foundation floors, and resulting in water being pushed through the floor cracks or the cold joints.

Leaking concrete floor cracks can cause many problems in basements, and can lead to an unhealthy home.

Problems caused by leaking floor cracks
  • Seepage and standing of water on your basement floor
  • High radon or vapor gases into homes
  • Damage to existing flooring (carpet, laminate, underlay)
  • High humidity causing mold and mildew infestation
  • Damage to finished basements and personal belongings
  • Deteriorating foundations
  • Settling of homes (where the house actually sinks into the ground)

Finding the Permanent Solution

Repairing concrete floor cracks can help protect your home, belongings and your family’s health. But if the concrete floor cracks leak due to hydrostatic pressure, sealing the floor cracks will only help water, radon, and vapor seepage through those cracks.  The hydrostatic pressure problem will only get worse after sealing those cracks, causing the water to find the next path of the least resistance.  That can be through other existing or new cracks, floor drains, or where the floor meets the foundation wall (also called the cove).  A Sous-Sol Solutions’ knowledgeable, waterproofing professional will help you diagnose your foundation and recommend the best solution for your budget at no cost or obligation.  Simply complete our online form or call us at 1-888-768-7765.