Sump Pump System


What is a Sump Pump System?

The Sump Pump System is the heart of an Internal/External French Drain System. The Internal French Drain System relies on the Sump Pump Systems to keep it working. The Sump Pump System collects the water from underneath the basement floor, the cove joint (area where the wall meets the floor) or from the connected pipes from the Internal French Drain System and pumps the unwanted water away from your home. When the sump pump fails due to functionality or power outage, the drain tile and window wells will back up and can result in a flooded basement. For this reason, it is important to have a high-quality sump pump and a properly installed system.

When Do I Need a Sump Pump System?

If you are having water leaks from underneath the basement floor or from where the wall meets the floor, you will need a Sump Pump System. Depending on the area(s) in your foundation and how much water is entering the basement, you may only need a standalone Sump Pump System to be installed or a partial or complete Internal French Drain System. Your dry basement depends on a high-quality sump pump and sump pump system to keep water away flowing away from your home.

Installation Process of a Sump Pump System


  1. The Sump Pump System is installed at the lowest point of the basement. If an Internal French Drain System is installed, the Sump Pump System is installed where the perimeter drains were pitched.
  2. The sump pump pit sits in a hole, flush with the floor level and surrounded with 3/4″ washed stone.  
  3. If an Internal French Drain System is installed, the PVC perforated pipes are connected to the sump pit.
  4. The sump pump is placed at the bottom of the sump pit.
  5. PVC discharge pipes are connected to the sump pump using a check value and run vertically up the wall and out to the exterior.  Water that enters the sump pit from the perimeter drain or through the sump pit surrounding is discharged to the exterior of the foundation wall and away from your home.
  6. A bolt down cover is placed over the sump pit and sits flush with the floor.
  7. The sump pump is plugged into a three-prong wall socket and is ready for use.

For added protection, battery backups and high water alarms can also be installed to the Sump Pump System.

Advantages of our Sump Pump System
  • Perforated sump pump basin constructed from heavy duty, ultra strong structural foam – The reinforced bottom will not flex. This sump pump basin is designed with a custom-fit, air tight, bolt-down cover. A quality sump pump basin is important for protecting your sump pump and being part of a top performing Sump Pump System.
  • Bolt-down lid is air-tight and strong enough to stand on – An open sump pit is an eyesore, but more importantly, it is dangerous, unhealthy and can clog up with unwanted debris. Young children, pets or even an adult can hurt themselves by stepping into an opened sump pit. Additionally, an uncovered sump pit can allow bugs, odors and harmful gasses such as radon into your home environment. And finally, an open sump pit is prone to things that may fall into the pit and possibly causing a malfunction in the sump pump.
  • Professional grade sump pump – Energy efficient, vertical float switch, 1/3HP or 1/2HP, heavy cast iron body with an oil-cooled motor Burcam sump pump provides superior cooling characteristics for longer pump life.
  • Check valve – Used to prevent the water that is still in the discharge pipe from flowing back into the sump pump pit once the sump pump is not running. It is connected to the sump pump and the discharge pipes to the exterior. The check valve is a significant part of the sump pump system and keeping your basement dry. It is installed in all of our sump pump systems.  
  • High water alarm – Sounds when water level rises too high.
  • Battery-powered backup systems – In the event a power outage occurs or a sump pump failure, a battery backup sump pump system can prevent your basement from water or flooding damage. This added protection is something that will help you relax during the winter seasons.
Want a Sump Pump That Can Protect Your Home Well?

Sous-Sol Solutions chose to use the Burcam Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump because it is field proven and provides years of reliable service.  With over 39 years of experience, Burcam is the only truly Canadian pump manufacturing company in existing today.  Sous-Sol Solutions won’t accept less than a professional grade sump pump installation for all of their systems.

What is a Battery Backup Power Supply?

Sump Pumps are usually run by electricity, so a power outage can cause a flooded basement. To alleviate this kind of problem, a battery backup power supply or a generator is installed. As an added protection, a battery backup power supply can be installed in your new or existing sump pump system.

What is a Battery Backup Sump Pump System?

Battery backup sump pump system provides a homeowner with peace of mind that in the event of a power outage, this system will automatically power your primary sump pump once the battery is initiated. Additionally, this system will automatically turn on when the primary sump pump cannot keep up with the amount of water and help pump out the additional amount of water entering the sump pit.

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