Foundation Crack Repair

No worries!  Sous-Sol Solutions uses the highest quality, Canada made concrete injection materials.  Our SEAL brand flexible resins are trusted and time proven to completely seal and repair dry or actively leaking cracks and crevices, permanently.  We guaranty the repairs for as long as you own your home and it’s fully transferrable.

Foundation Stabilization

Sous-Sol Solutions installs the strongest carbon fiber solution on the market today.  We chose this system as the best repair available today for bowed foundation walls, stepping cracks and horizontal crack repair.  By properly securing the entire wall, your foundation will not experience any further in-ward movement or wall sheering.

Drainage System

After installing the Interior Drainage System, the path of the least resistance is no longer into your home.  Sous-Sol Solutions’ Interior Drainage System is guaranteed for as long as you own your home and fully transferrable to the next home owner(s).  With peace of mind, you can stop worrying about the next rain storm or big snow thaw!

Exterior Water Control

We offer on-site solutions to storm water.  Our Water Leaching System is designed to collect storm water and discharge it into the subsoil rapidly and easily.  This system is environmental in that it naturally conserves water and replenishes the water table. Water dispersion is now easier than ever!

Moisture Control

Moisture is the biggest enemy of the home.  High humidity, mold, and poor indoor air quality originate from moisture and they can lead to serious environmental illnesses.  Moisture can also damage the structural integrity of you foundation. Being proactive and reducing moisture levels is the best way to prevent expensive structural and environmental damage.

Sump Pump System

The Sump Pump System is the heart of an Internal French Drain System.  The Internal French Drain System relies on the Sump Pump Systems to keep it working.  When the sump pump fails due to functionality or power outage, the drain tile and window wells will back up and can result in a flooded basement.  For this reason, it is important to have a high-quality sump pump and a properly installed system.

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