Indoor Air Quality





Your home should be a comfortable and safe place, not one that makes you sick.  Proving your family with a comfortable living space has become easier with today’s technologies.  You can control the humidity levels in your home by controlling the sources of water or moisture entering you home.  In most cases, the source is in your basement or crawlspace.  Sous-Sol Solutions can inspect your home for these moisture areas and will work with you to explain the nature of the problem and give you a fair quote to remediate the moisture or water problem.


Hydrostatic Pressure – High water table causing water penetration into the basement

Foundation Cracks – Settlement cracks, shrinkage cracks, hairline cracks, structural cracks

High Humidity – Porous Concrete foundation, crevices in foundation walls, poor quality/old windows

Broken Pipes – Water seepage through bad pipes

Open Sump Pump Pit – Exposed water pit


Santa Fe Free Standing Dehumidifier

Internal French Drain System

Exterior Waterproofing

Crack Repair

Sump Pump Installation


Pooling Yard

Runoff from concrete structure or soil


Oversaturated Soil

Downspout Drainage



Dry Well Systems

Gutter Extensions

Indoor air quality is extremely important to your health and your home, and needs to be taken seriously.  You need a company that is knowledgeable, experienced and professional.  Sous-Sol Solutions has the experience and the professional materials that allow them to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your needs.

If your home and health is in jeopardy due to poor indoor air quality, you can be a step closer to having a healthier and safer living by calling Sous-Sol Solutions today at 1-888-768-7765.  We can schedule a free in-home consultation and provide you with a no obligation written estimate.

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